Non 12 Step Rehab Program

Non 12 Step Rehab Program

The traditional 12 step program has been made famous by groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and a plethora of movies and TV shows that depict the struggle of those addicted to drugs. For years this was the widely accepted way to serve as a roadmap to recovery. In recent years, new methods have gained popularity as new ideas and research are presented to the world.
The non 12 step program approaches the drug addiction issue from a completely different angle than the traditional methods. This new program not only focuses on recovery, but on the issues that led to the addiction in the first place.

The traditional 12 step program treats gaining sobriety as a “bandage” on an issue that will never be healed. It teaches addicts that they will be living with this addiction disease forever, but that they just need to hold back the urges to act on it. While anyone may be tempted from time to time, the non 12 step program believes that the root of the addiction should be handled head-on.

If someone turns to drug use every time they feel angry, this new program wants to fix their anger issue so they know they have other options other than substance abuse. The non 12 step program lets every patient know that they alone have the control over the course they take. No one else can make the decision of sobriety for them, and they need to make the decision to change their life path.

For some patients, the non 12 step program can be very intense because it forces them to reach new levels in their personal determination and motivation. Some people may feel like they could never push themselves to where they want to be, but they will be surprised at how much strength they can muster.

Every person is different and has unique needs, but the traditional 12 step program is very rigid and uniform, making it difficult to adapt to a patient-by-patient basis. The new method allows for a fluid and flexible treatment plan that can fit each individual’s needs to provide the best plan possible. This not only allows for better treatment planning, but also for better treatment pacing. Each patient will respond differently to the recovery plan, with some moving faster or slower than others. The non 12 step rehab program allows for extra time to be given to any patient that is struggling through a specific area.

This new rehab program has shown to have better long-term recovery statistics. With the solid, personalized foundation that seeks to solve the issues that led to the original addiction, patients leaving the program have a higher rate of staying sober than those who were pushed through a generic recovery plan.

Finding the causes that led to addiction has huge benefits for the patient’s quality of life moving forward. Just as an addiction is not healthy, events in life that bring someone to the point of drug abuse are just as bad.

As the non 12 step program gain mainstream popularity, treatment providers around the country will begin offering this groundbreaking treatment option at an ever growing number of facilities.

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